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Gleaming Again: 4 Effortless ways to clean your jewellery without toxic chemicals

Are your precious pieces in need of a quick clean? Here’s how to get them to shine once more.

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      All-purpose jewellery cleaner: Dishwashing soap
      Mild dishwashing liquid is great for silver and gold jewellery (just don’t use them on your pearls). Here’s what you need:
      Dish soap
      Yup, that’s it! Choose a natural, chemical-free brand of dishwashing soap and mix it up with some warm water to create a soapy concoction. With a soft-bristled toothbrush, simply clean your jewellery with soft brush strokes. If there are gemstones in your jewellery, you can use a soft cloth to clean them.

    It’s a fact of life: if you wear jewellery, your pieces are going to become tarnished over time. To keep them looking shiny and new, you are going to have to give them a good clean once in a while. The bad news is, jewellery cleaners and polishes are chockfull of chemicals, and they can be expensive to cheap pandora charms. Of course, it is hard to know exactly what goes into commercial jewellery cleaning products, though if you were to take a whiff of them, you’ll be able to tell that they don’t smell even remotely natural. Even professional jewellery cleaners warn you to put on gloves before handling such products.

    The good news? There are plenty of other ways you can clean your jewellery without the need for these expensive chemicals. Sure, you might come across information on the internet telling you to use the likes of ammonia to make your diamonds sparkle, or window cleaner to strip the tarnish from silver and gold jewellery, but you don’t have to resort to such means.

    To stop yourself from using nasty chemicals in your homemade jewellery cleaning solutions, try some safe and natural options with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Head up to the gallery to check out a handful of quick and easy formulas you can whip up at home.

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